Title Loan – What Factors Play a Role in Determining Loan Amount

Have you decided to take out a car title loan? Well, I hope that you have already tried to explore other options but failed miserably. There is no harm in borrowing loans for your car title if you take care of timely repayment. However, before borrowing you must make an accurate assessment of your car’s value. This will help you understand whether what you are offered by the lenders is fair in respect to the car’s value.

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What factors the lenders look into to determine the loan amount

A car title loan is made available to the vehicle owner. The lenders give a percentage of the car’s value. This value is estimated on the basis of some important factors. First of all, the borrowers consider the make and model of your car. These are needed to be sure of safety and reliability of your car.

Next point to consider is the demand for your car model. If the model is popular, it will definitely fetch a goodly sum from resale. It will be easy for your lender to get back the loan if you default on payment. The high demand for your car ascertains that the lender will not have to undergo any hassle in the event of the loan default.

Does your car offer good mileage? How old is it? The older model and high mileage cause depreciation in car value.

The lenders also want to know if your car has ever met accident. If such thing has happened to your car, it will definitely reduce the car’s value.

Is your car in good condition? It needs no mention that if a car is in fine fettle, it will bring you more funding.

The same car may sell at different prices depending on the demand elasticity in the specific market. So, the lenders will try to know the location market demand and value of your vehicle.

Is your car fitted with any option for upgrade? If yes, then it will up your car’s resale value and increase the amount of car title loan.


So, you see that the lenders rely on a long list of criteria to determine your car’s ongoing market value and also how much can be granted as loan. So, it is always better to estimate the value of your car at ongoing market price. In that case, you can make a good comparison between the estimated figure and what the lender has assessed.

Title Loan – Multiple Positive Points plus a Few Negative Points

Getting loans with the lower credit score is no longer difficult. At least, emergence and popularity of title loans reflect this fact. Among different factors that negatively impact your credit status, the bankruptcy filing is the most dangerous one. Once you declare bankruptcy by filing in the court, it will show on your credit book for at least 10 years. The immediate impact will result into sliding down of your credit point. You can notice both immediate and gradual slurp in your credit ranking. However, still, you can manage to get loans though not bank loans.

Most people who have gone for bankruptcy filing think that they don’t have any options to source financial help from. Actually, it is their ignorance that misleads them. There are some lending choices to pick from and none of these needs any credit record checking. These lenders will give a damn to your imperfect credit score and bankruptcy filing. The fact that you own a car is enough for them. Submit the document of your car ownership and you will be granted a loan against it.

Car title loans

Car title loans are processed faster and immediately reach your account. This is not only a good solution for the financially bankrupt persons but also a possible remedy for immediate cash requirements. As the processing involves no checking of multiple documents but only looks into car title, so it does not take much of time to approve loans. No need to keep your finger crossed with throbbing heart, 99% of the applicants get this loan and that too within few minutes of submitting applications.

However, all are not well on title loan front. Two minus factors like high-interest rate and shorter repayment period overshadow the plus points. You will get only 30 days for loan repayment. That is why the critics regard the title loan providers as nothing but the sharks that gobble up what the borrowers can manage to pay. And if payment is not cleared in full, they possess the cars as per the terms and conditions of the loan. So consider this option only if you have no other and better choices. And if you have applied for it, make sure to pay it off within time. The final payment is a fat figure due to the sum of primary amount plus interest plus pressing fees. Late fees are also added to this sum if you make delay in clearing the payment.

Title loans – Keep up with Payroll on Time

If you are a business owner, then paying timely to your employees is very important. If not paid on time, it may lead to frustration, agony and the even resignation of the employees. Sometimes, you may fail to keep up with payroll due to stagnancy in cash flow. However, there is an easy solution to get over such temporary financial crisis. Take out title loans; this is the best ready-made solution for your purpose.

Assurance of quick cash

A little less than 50% of the employees report that they heavily rely on payday advance. For them, it is sort of living from one paycheck to another. Even those who don’t depend on paycheck find it disgusting if not paid on the agreed date. A car title loan gives an assurance of quick cash delivery that can help you pay at least half of your employees.

One of the plus points is you will obtain title loans without any hassle. Less paperwork is required. The lenders will only ask for the document of your car title paper and the loan is granted against it. The lenders do not require credit checking. Both good credit and bad credit record holders are treated equally. It is because the lenders never run a check on the credit score of the potential borrowers.

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Speedy processing means you will get loans within a very short time. Usually, the processing time does not exceed beyond a few hours. Instant cash approval is what has made the ‘loans for your car’ a great choice over bank loans.

By taking out a title pawn or loan, you can enjoy a good number of benefits. Some have been stated above. Another great advantage is you can keep your vehicle during the whole length of loan term. However, if you default on loan, you will lose the title of your car. So, you need to be cautious about making full pay-off on time.

What is the risk?

Yes, there are some risks with car title loans. Risk is there in the sense that you may have to surrender the title to the lender. However, this only happens if you fail to pay off the dues. If you have been stuck to financial hardships during the payback time, you can always talk to the lender regarding interest rate negotiation. If by paying a smaller amount you can retain your car title, won’t it be a great idea? After all, you have already secured more than what is required to meet your obligation of paying to your employees.

Title Loan – Know This Option in a Better Way

cash for your title

If you own a car, it can bring you a goodly sum in times of financial crisis. I am meaning car selling but only mortgaging it to get a loan. This kind of loan is popularly known as cash for your title or car title pawn. The title of the car is all that the lenders want. It is actually a piece of document that proves you are the legal owner of the vehicle in exchange of which loan is to be procured. Once you make the payback, you will again retain the title.

Who can qualify for such loans?

Everyone irrespective of his/her credit status is eligible for the title loan, provided the borrower owns a car. You may have earned a good point in your credit report or it may have got into a tailspin but this factor hardly matters to the lenders. They only want to know if you have a car to sanction loan against. If you can show the documents of ownership, the lenders start making a good assessment of your car.

The value estimation is done on the basis of your car model and the date on which it was manufactured. Another important criterion goes into value assessment and it is the current market price of your vehicle. When everything is done, a part of the assessed value is granted you as title pawn or loan.

What is the nature of car title pawn?

It is a short-term funding and provides you with a small amount of cash. However, this amount is always much a larger sum than what you can obtain through payday advance. You can secure the title loan even if you have nothing to mortgage because the car title serves this purpose. Faster processing and approval are other great features of title pawn.

What about repayment condition?

A maximum time limit of four weeks is available to make the payback. Another negative point is its attachment with high-interest size. So if repayment is not made within the stipulated time, further roll back will only add to your expenses. The borrowers are, therefore, always suggested to make timely payment so that they can avoid ending up paying through the nose.

Can I use my car during loan term?

Sure. That is really a very plus point of a title loan. Unless and until the car is possessed by the lender in the event of loan default, you can always enjoy a ride in your vehicle. And to avoid the unpleasant incidence of losing your car to the lender, the only solution is timely payback, so take it into consideration.

Title Pawn – Know the Facts & Figures before You Take It out

Auto title loan is definitely a good help if you are a financial mess and want an early riddance. The only condition is you must own a car, the title of which will be used as a mortgaged asset. This choice appeals to those who lack in a perfect credit score.

Title loan is popularly known as title pawn and sanctioned against the market value and model of your vehicle. Along with these two factors, the manufacturing date of the car is also taken into account to determine the loan amount. All the states have not legalized title loan lending. It is because these loans providers charge abusive interest rate and repayment time is so short that most of the borrowers can’t make it meet the payment. This ultimately leads to the pile of debts, creditors’ warning, bad reporting with the credit bureau and finally bankruptcy to clear the dues.

Auto title loan

Much has been said against the Pensacola title loan through negative criticism has only fuelled its popularity. There is another factor that has equally contributed to its uprising. It is the fact that economy has gone into a tailspin. More and more people are experiencing credit crunch and striving hard to seek out an option. When some immediacy arises and banks refuse to come to rescue, the borrowers dare to jump to an expensive option. At that time, they can’t afford to take a calculated move. The obligations are met but they come under a serious obligation to make heavy payment within a shorter timeframe. And some just make it a habit of taking out a new loan to settle the old one.

What makes the laymen subject to predatory lending is their poor knowledge regarding the title pawn and absence of stricter regulation in the market. In some states, laws have been passed to control the insane lending practice by capping on the maximum interest rate that can be charged from the borrowers. The title lenders are not under the direct control of the state. The City government and municipalities are empowered to report about the omissions and commissions made by these lending business owners. In the event of any fraudulence, the customers can directly report to the local authorities and their grievances will be addressed according to the premise of existing laws in this regard. The borrowers can also go to the Financial Protection Agency, a government organization that is entrusted with the work of regulating the financial houses at the central level.